Mary Rose Figure Head

Digital Recreation of the Mary Rose Figure Head – Co-Investigator and 3D Artist

In 2016, the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth approached the University looking for collaboration in developing a key artefact exhibit. The Mary Rose’s Billet Head, or Figure Head, had recently been recovered from the sea bed. The museum wanted a digital reconstruction of the artefact produced to show visitors how the object would have appeared when it was in use on the ship.

This required a lengthy process of analysis and interpretation of the heavily eroded piece of timber that had been recovered. Using a combination of laser scanning, photogrammetry, and shadow photography, surface relief detail was obtained. This in conjunction with detailed measurements of the artefact was used to produce a digital reconstruction of the Billethead.

The reconstruction was provided as high quality static and animated renders. A short video explaining the project was also produced which can also be viewed below. Visit the Mary Rose Museum Website for further details on this and their numerous other exhibits.