White Lake (in development)


White Lake is a project designed and directed by one of my PhD students, Matthew Higgins (We Be Dragons). I am collaborating in its development in a design and art capacity with particular emphasis on environmental art asset creation and implementation. The game is in an advanced prototype stage with an intention to release a commercial version in Q4 2019.

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (2013)

Amnesia-A-Machine-for-Pigs-wallpaper.jpgI worked in two roles on this title, having joined the team in order to support my Ph.D research with a commercial development project. Taking the roles of both co-designer alongside Dan Pinchbeck, and as Lead Level Scripter, I was responsible for concepting and prototyping a selection of gameplay sequences and scenarios, before then implementing various puzzles and interactive elements in to support them. I was also responsible for the implementation of the majority of the game’s scripted sequences, set pieces and cutscenes.

While I primarily worked with the HPL2 engine’s AngelScript based API, I also worked with the engine’s Level Editor, Model and Material Editors, and created bespoke effects using the Particle System editor.

My postmortem report for the game, written by myself on behalf of The Chinese Room, is available on Gamasutra.